Exploring Vast Worlds on a Budget: The Top 10 Open World Games for 6GB RAM

- Open world games allow players to explore vast environments and immerse themselves in rich worlds. However, many modern open world titles require powerful hardware with 8GB+ RAM.

- This article profiles 10 excellent open world games that can run reasonably well on systems with only 6GB RAM. These titles scale back graphical effects while still delivering engrossing open worlds to get lost in.

1. Grand Theft Auto V

- Rockstar's acclaimed crime epic runs well at medium settings. Its sprawling, modern recreation of Los Santos and Blaine County offers hours of open world freedom.

Download GTA V From :- rockstargame.com or Steam Store or Epic Games

2. The Elder Scrolls V

-Skyrim - Bethesda's fantasy masterpiece is highly scalable. Tweak the settings for smooth performance and enjoy the vast lands of Tamriel. 

Download The Elder Scrolls V From :- bethesda.net or Steam Store or Epic Games

3. Saints Row IV

- Volition's over-the-top open world playground can deliver solid frame rates on mid-range systems. Superpowers and an alien invasion make this one of the most fun open world sandboxes.

Download Saints Row IV from :- Steam Store or Epic Games

4. Just Cause 3

- Rico Rodriguez'sChaotic island paradise provides grappling hook-fueled fun. Lower the settings to enjoy smooth swinging, wingsuit gliding, and more.

Download Just Caause 3 from :- Steam Store

5. Mad Max

- Explore the desert wastelands in Avalanche's post-apocalyptic action-adventure. Its gritty open world and car combat run well on 6GB RAM systems.

Download MAD MAX for Pc :- Steam Store and for PS4 :- PlayStation

6. Batman: Arkham Knight

- Rocksteady's dark open world vision of Gotham City is demanding but can scale down nicely. Glide across rooftops and defeat villains as the Caped Crusader. 

Download Batman: Arkham Knight from :- Steam Store

7. Middle-Earth:Shadow of Mordor

- Shadow of Mordor - Monolith's Tolkien-inspired action gem offers fluid combat and stealth in Mordor. Adaptive enemies create dynamic open world gameplay.

Download Middle Earth for Pc :- Steam Store  and for PS4 :- playstation.com and for XBOX :- xbox.com

8. Fallout 4

- Bethesda's post-nuclear Boston provides tons of exploration, quests, and customization. Tone down settings for acceptable performance throughout the Wasteland.

Download Fallout 4 for PC :- Steam Store and for PS4 :- playstation.com

9. Sleeping Dogs

- United Front's cult hit crime thriller is set in vibrant Hong Kong. Its hand-to-hand combat and gripping story shine on mid-range PCs.

Download Sleeping Dogs for PC :- Steam Store and for PS4 :- playstation.com

10. Dying Light

- Techland's parkour zombie survival game has impressive open world scale. Maintain playable frame rates and enjoy cooperative squashing of the undead. 

Download Dying Light for Pc :- Steam Store or Epic Games and for PS4 :- playstation.com and for XBOX :- xbox.com


- Open world games continue pushing graphical boundaries, but with some tweaking, engrossing large-scale adventures can come alive on 6GB RAM setups. The titles profiled here let you enjoy living worlds, exploration, quests, combat, and more without expensive upgrades.


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