Elden Ring. Elden Ring Player Discovers Surprising Pumpkin Head Attack After 1,000 Hours.

Elden Ring has been out for nearly a year now, but players are still discovering surprising new things after hundreds and hundreds of hours. Popular Souls YouTuber Iron Pineapple revealed an amusing new attack from Pumpkin Heads that continues to showcase FromSoftware’s incredible attention to detail. 


  • Elden Ring player Iron Pineapple discovered a rare combo attack from a Lesser Mad Pumpkin Head after almost 1,000 hours of gameplay.
  • The unique interaction involves the Pumpkin Head using a riposte to knock the player off their horse. It then headbutts them on the ground twice with a devastating slam attack.
  • This hidden combo attack showcases the incredible depth and mystery still left to uncover in Elden Ring's world, even after hundreds of hours for seasoned players.
  • Many players may never encounter or know about such complex interactions with basic enemies like the pumpkin heads.
  • It demonstrates the attention to detail FromSoftware put into even standard mobs, giving them special moves and animations for players to discover.
  • After 1,000 hours, veterans are still caught by surprise and impressed with the nuances and secrets waiting within Elden Ring's lands between.

#Still Finding New Things in Elden Ring After 1,000 Hours

Iron Pineapple has played every FromSoftware game extensively since Demon Souls and uploaded popular challenge runs like no hit fights against bosses. 

Even with potentially over 1,000 hours in Elden Ring, he was shocked to discover a unique power attack animation for Pumpkin Heads he had never seen before. For such a harmless standard enemy, the developers really went the extra mile.

After dodging his first attack, Iron Pineapple moved in to punish what he expected to be the usual follow up. But the Pumpkin Head gripped his weapon with both hands for a devastating slam that nearly one shot his high level character!

#Veterans Continue to be Impressed With FromSoftware's Details

What's most impressive is the amount of secret animations and movesets that provide surprises even for veterans on their 10th playthrough. Other recent discoveries include special death animations for Godrick depending on which arm you cut off first.

It goes to show that FromSoftware packs layers upon layers of detail into even silly standard enemies. This gives Elden Ring incredible replay value and allows moments of unexpected joy for those willing to put in the hours.

The pumpkins may be the game's comic relief, but they still command respect!

#Praise Keeps Piling On as Elden Ring Sweeps 2022 Awards 

Elden Ring has received nearly universal critical acclaim and swept Game of the Year awards across outlets like The Game Awards and Golden Joysticks.

While the difficult but fair combat and breathtaking legacy dungeons have won praise, it's the subtle worldbuilding details that give Elden Ring such strong staying power.

After 1,000 hours, veterans are still encountering delightful new animations for common enemies through experimentation. It makes you wonder what other secrets are hiding beneath the surface as we approach Elden Ring's 1 year anniversary!


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