Best Android games in 2023: Top picks across every category

The Android gaming landscape saw continued innovation and growth in 2023, with developers releasing tons of high quality titles across genres to meet demand from mobile gamers. Whether your preference leans toward action, strategy, RPG, or casual games, there is no shortage of superb new options for playing on Android devices. 

We've compiled this list of the most exceptional, must-play Android game releases from 2023 spanning key categories. Check out our top recommendations below and find your next gaming addiction!

Best New Action Games of 2023

Action games provide an adrenaline rush like no other genre. Here are our picks for the top new Android action titles of 2023:

- Rising Warriors - This hack-and-slash game dazzles with console-quality graphics and seamless fighting combos. Choose from over 30 heroes with unique abilities to slay menacing monsters across 40+ hours of gameplay. 

- Laser Ops 2 - The sequel to a popular first-person multiplayer shooter fine-tunes the fast-paced gameplay. New maps, modes, and cybernetic upgrades let you customize for long-lasting fun with or against friends. 

- Ninja Dash 2 - The smash hit running platformer is back with better graphics, power-ups, boss fights and a gripping new adventure across ninja realms. Vault chasms, dodge traps and slice demons during the nimble, parkour platforming.

Top Adventure Games of 2023   

Escape into rich storylines and fantastical worlds with our favorite Android adventure game releases this year:   

  • - Lost Legends: Beyond Atlantis - Dive into hidden object and puzzle adventure bliss in this innovative title featuring 360 scenes and mini-games galore. Unearth artifacts and secrets tied to the mythical lost city.

  • - Tales of Arcandia Episode 3 - The latest chapter in a beloved choose-your-own magical adventure ups the stakes with new lands, friends and foes. Expect 80+ hours of plot from this RPG/adventure hybrid.  

  • - Robin Hood's Legacy - Unique twist on the classic legend as Robin Hood's granddaughter continues the outlaw archer's work. This story-rich adventure thrills with mysteries, kingdom politics plots and heroic rescues.  

Greatest Android RPGs of 2023


Roleplaying games allow shaping epic tales, with our top picks letting you do so from anywhere via mobile:

- Age of Thrones - Massive new fantasy world and lore powers this story-driven RPG filled with factions, heroes and turn-based battles. Play as human, elf, dwarf and other races to decide the kingdom's fate.  

- Cyberblade 2077 - Gritty cyberpunk world drenched in neon hosts this RPG with deep character customizations of skills, augmentations and more that drastically impact the branching narrative.  

- Ranger Expedition 2 - Sequel to the smash hit mobile RPG sanboxes you in monster-filled forests where choices drive the open world adventure. Craft weapons and survival gear while tracking beastly creatures as a lone ranger.

Most Innovative New Strategy Games  

Challenge your mind and flex strategic muscles against opponents or team up cooperatively with our picks for top strategy games:   

- Autochess Legends - Breakthrough auto battler refined to perfection with 50+ heroes, ranked competitive play, and weekly tournaments featuring unique rulesets. Create ultimate synergistic teams to dominate.   

- TerraGenesis 2142 - Craft whole planetary systems via engaging strategic simulations. Guide colonies across procedurally generated 3D worlds, managing resources for survival and expansion.

- Legends of Battle TD - Fantasy-themed tower defense perfected with 30 battle arenas, deadly boss events, and innovative party system to attack enemies for bonuses.

Best Puzzle & Casual Games  

Sometimes you just need a quick, delightful gaming session - ideal moments for these casual and puzzle game gems:  

- Sprinkle Islands - Charming match-3 puzzler with 400+ levels themed around colorful dessert island locales. Simple yet satisfying game perfect for playing in short bursts.   

- Lock 'Em Up Solitaire - Wild west setting and arresting story hooks you as you tackle 200 inventive solitaire levels. Daily challenges and tournaments for asynchronous multiplayer too!

- Monkey Bubble Shooter 2 - Vibrant new bubble shooter exploding with fruit combos, boss fights and charming jungle animal animations. Relaxing yet challenging arcade action.

We hope our recommendations help you discover amazing Android games in 2023 perfectly suited for every playstyle. Share your own current top picks in the comments! Gaming on mobile devices gets better every year.



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